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Picking the Best Golfing Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes

Jul 10th 2021

When picking golfing sunglasses, it’s crucial to consider how well they protect your eyes. Many golfers decide to remove their sunglasses, for numerous reasons, during certain parts of their game. Ove … read more

The Best Nose Pad and Temple Pieces for Sports Sunglasses

Jun 24th 2021

When picking your golfing sunglasses, it’s imperative you consider the best materials for aiding your golf game. You want to pick a pair of sunglasses that are tailored to your needs and won’t hind … read more

I Can See Clearly NOW! PeakVision

Posted by Claudio DeMarchi by on Jan 15th 2019

 “Everything just pops when you put on a pair of PEAKS” says David Feaser, owner and CEO of PeakVision Sunglasses. That was exactly my reaction when I put mine on for the first time. I was in m … read more

See More in PeakVision Sun Glasses

Posted by Steve McMillan with on Jan 15th 2019

Living in Florida, The Golfing Dads have learned what it means to protect yourself from the sun. The sunshine state has its name for a reason and you need to not only apply sunblock but wear somethin … read more