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PeakVision Sponsors Ann Liguori's Celebrity Tournament in the Hamptons

Posted by Ann Liguori on on Jan 15th 2019

I just signed a deal with Peakvision. They're going to come to the golf event and gift glasses to every golfer. They're gorgeous and the lenses are the best I've ever experienced in golf. They promote … read more

Golf is Mental review of PeakVision's GX5

Posted by Golf is Mental on Jan 15th 2019

Despite getting emails on a daily basis with requests to write about golf gadgets or the next great golf idea, I don’t publish very many product reviews. To be blunt, there’s a lot of bad ideas out th … read more

PeakVision hires Ann Liguori as spokeswoman

Posted by the Morning Read on Jan 15th 2019

(CONWAY, SC – March 20, 2018) -- Renown radio and television sports talk show host/golf correspondent/author/business owner, Ann Liguori, was recently named Brand Ambassador and Marketing Consultant f … read more

PEAKVISION Sunglasses Under New Ownership

Posted by Article by Until The Next Tee. Published on February 24th, 2018 on Jan 15th 2019

I always love sharing information about products and brands that are either new or new to me. Part of the reason why I like to do what I do is to educate the general golfing public on products from … read more