Benefits and Factors to Consider While Choosing Non-polarized or Polarized Sunglasses

Jul 24th 2021

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, it is key, for maximizing your performance, to understand the differences between non-polarized and polarized lenses to make an informed decision on what sunglasses you should use for your activity. Both serve separate utilities and purposes; however, each have unique characteristics that you should be aware of when making your decision.

  1. Non-polarized sunglasses are more beneficial for land-based sports and activities, such as golf and pickleball. While on the other hand, polarized sunglasses are crucial for water sports and skiing.

The main reason to use non-polarized sunglasses for golf, and other land sports, is due to depth of field. Polarized lenses will flatten your depth of field and can cause you to misread crucial shots. While on the other hand, polarized lenses are great for water sports such as fishing due to their ability to allow you to see through the water.

  1. Polarized lenses do help with extreme glare; however, you don’t need polarized lenses to get UV-400 protection.

A popular misconception among sunglass users is they will only get UV-400 protection while using polarized sunglasses. This is not true, as the FDA tests and mandates all imported sunglasses come with standard UV-400 protection. While polarized lenses do combat extreme glare better than non-polarized lenses, they both will offer you UV-400 protection. From cheaper sunglasses to more expensive sunglasses, you will get UV-400 protection from UVC rays regardless of whether the sunglasses are polarized or non-polarized. With PeakVision’sNon-Polarized Sunglasses, we provide UV-400 protection for UVA, UVB and UVC rays. In addition to this, our non-polarized lenses feature an RA filter on the back side of the lenses which combat glare from behind.

  1. Lens tinting on your sunglasses is crucial, regardless of whether you’re using Non-polarized or Polarized lenses.

While you should absolutely consider whether non-polarized or polarized lenses would be more beneficial for your intended activity, the lens tinting of said lenses is just as crucial. For example, our Non-Polarized Sunglasses feature an upper 20% neutral grey which enhances long distant vision and a 60% contrast amber which provides 3X the visual information of your naked eye. These zones are placed strategically to give your eyes the best benefits possible when using our sunglasses. For golf, the top zone will lessen eye fatigue and allow you to easily track your drives, while the bottom zone will help you read the curvature of the greens when making your putts.

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