Finding the Best Sunglasses for Tennis Online

Nov 15th 2021

Finding the best sunglasses for tennis can be difficult but shopping online where you can’t try them on just adds to that difficulty. PeakVision has made this process simple, boasting patented lens technology that will give you the best view of the tennis court.

Our patented lenses have two zones, an upper 20% neutral grey and a lower 60% contrast amber. The upper 20% neutral grey helps reduce glare from the sun and enhances your long distance vision, which are two elements that are very important when selecting the best sunglasses for tennis. The bottom 60% contrast amber highlights the court in HD, giving you a rich view of the surface, ball and providing 3X the visual information your eyes normally receive.

So how has PeakVision made the shopping online part easier? When you go to our website,, you’ll find a “More” menu on the top right of the main menu. Under this, you’ll find a section titled “Sizing Chart”. Once you navigate to this page, you’ll be greeted with a simple sizing test that will tell you which category of sunglasses work best for you, and a recommendation tab below this that will recommend the styles that will work for you best! You can also shop for these styles directly on our website’s shop page after taking the sizing test, just input the size category that suits you best in the “filters” option on the left hand side of the shop page.

Thanks for checking out PeakVision’s guide to finding the best sunglasses for tennis online, and how we’ve tried to make this as simple as possible for you. You can try any pair you’d like risk free with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! If you have any other questions in your quest for finding the best sunglasses for tennis, please reach out to us at We’re happy to help!