Guide to Buying the Best Golf Sunglasses for 2022

Nov 20th 2021

When searching for the Best Golf Sunglasses for this upcoming season, the most important thing to consider are your needs and preferences. PeakVision offers numerous different styles to tailer to those needs, and help you find the model that works for you best. Below we’ve come up with three suggestions to helping you find the best golf sunglasses and perform with the most visual information possible in 2022.

  1. Lenses: It’s all about what you see, right? When selecting your sunglasses, the visual information your eyes receive should be the most important consideration. Optical clarity, lens tinting, and glare reduction filters are important things to look at when browsing different lenses. PeakVision has considered all of this in our dual-zone lens technology, making them the best golfing sunglasses for pros and amateurs alike.
  1. Frame Material: While the 2022 season is upcoming, you’ll want to make sure your frames are quality and will last you for seasons to come. When shopping, consider what frame material your sunglasses are made of and how they’re going to hold up against the elements while you’re on the course. Also, something else to consider would be the benefits of those frames. Are they lightweight? Do they help protect against gusts of wind? Do your rubberized components help repel allergens for those who suffer from bad allergies? PeakVision has considered all of this in our best sunglasses for golf, which is why we recommend you see what we have to offer before making your decision.
  1. Accessories: When buying a high-end pair of sporting sunglasses, you should ensure that your glasses not only come with a nice case, but one that’s designed to keep your sunglasses right where you need them. Additionally, a high-end pair of golfing sunglasses should come with the necessary cleaning materials and guides on how to use them properly. PeakVision’s Hard EVA case comes with a built-in carabiner clip, so you can keep your sunglasses directly on your golf bag. We also include a high quality, microfiber cleaning pouch for wiping your sunglasses down after use. This can also be used as an additional storage method for your glasses, giving them an extra layer of protection inside the EVA hard case.

If you have any specific questions about PeakVision, or how we might be able to assist you in bettering your golf game, give us a call at 1-888-673-8134 or email us at We’re happy to help you find the best golfing sunglasses for your specific needs.