Picking the Best Golfing Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes

Jul 10th 2021

When picking golfing sunglasses, it’s crucial to consider how well they protect your eyes. Many golfers decide to remove their sunglasses, for numerous reasons, during certain parts of their game. Over years of playing golf, this can lead to long term eye damage. PeakVision is determined to combat this by offering the best golf sunglasses and making sure you make an informed purchase. Below we’ve listed some factor’s you will want to consider:

Polarized Vs. Non-Polarized Lenses 

Polarized sunglasses provide extra protection in extreme glare conditions, which is why many choose to wear these sunglasses while playing golf. However, many golfers think polarized lenses are the only lenses that provide protection from the sun’s UV rays, and this is incorrect. Non-Polarized lenses also provide this protection, without the compromising distortion and flattening your depth of field.

PeakVision’s Non-Polarized Dual Zone lenses were designed with a sophisticated UV filter, providing frontal coverage from all UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Coupled with this UV filter, the lenses also feature an RA coating on the back-side of the lens to eliminate any glare you may encounter from the back portion of the lenses. These features come standard in all of our sunglasses.

Also, being that PeakVision’s lenses are Non-Polarized, your vision will not be skewed when tracking your drives and reading the green for putts. We’ve found these two reasons are what make golfers most likely to remove their sunglasses frequently during the course of their round, causing prolonged damage to their vision. Your eyes will not only be protected from the sun, but your long-distance visibility and green-reading will not be compromised when using PeakVision. This is why we consider our sunglasses the best golf sunglasses on the market.

Frame/Lens Quality and Durability

The quality of your frame and lenses are also an important factor to protecting your eyes. You should consider a frame material that is structurally sound, and will not break during it’s course of use. Likewise, you should consider your lenses’ resistance to impact.

PeakVision’s frame materials are all made from high quality Grilamid TR90, Nickel composite, Ultematerand aluminum magnesium. We’ve tested and ensured our frame materials will stand the test of time with lightweight durability.

PeakVision’s Non-Polarized Dual Zone lenses are impact resistant and scratch resistant, making them a safe solution for use during your time on the links.

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