The Advantages of PeakVision’s Extreme Glare Sunglasses

Nov 20th 2021

Glare is defined as the sensation produced by luminances within the visual field that are sufficiently greater than the luminance to which the eyes are adapted. This causes annoyance, discomfort, but most importantly, a loss in visual performance and visibility. So, what does that mean for you when you’re trying to perform your best, and how can extreme glare sunglasses help you overcome this?

PeakVision has the ultimate glare protection features included in our sunglasses that cheaper sunglasses don’t include. The top portion of our lenses, our 20% neutral grey section, features filters on the front side of the lens that combat against UVA, UVB and UVC rays. What they also feature, which doesn’t come standard on a majority of sunglasses you can select, is an RA filter on the backside of the lens. This filter provides you with backside protection from extreme glare, making sure you’re 100% covered from the negative effects of the sun’s rays.

In addition to this, while giving you zero distortion and a -52 abbe rating, the grey zone was designed to mitigate the overall brightness of the sun while allowing you to see further distances. So from all directions, with multiple filters, you’re getting the maximum amount of protection from extreme glare with PeakVision’s patented lens technology.

PeakVision offers our patented lens technology in all of our extreme glare sunglasses, which can be seen on our website at