The Best Nose Pad and Temple Pieces for Sports Sunglasses

Jun 24th 2021

When picking your golfing sunglasses, it’s imperative you consider the best materials for aiding your golf game. You want to pick a pair of sunglasses that are tailored to your needs and won’t hinder your ability to perform.

The nose pad for sunglasses happens to be one of the most important parts or accessories of your sunglasses. This is where you’re going to get the majority of your grip from, and when swinging a golf club, you want to ensure your sunglasses aren’t going to fly off your face.

PeakVision has equipped most of our sports-wraps with a rubberized nose pad material that is hypo-allergenic, to provide you with a secured grip and relief from the allergens you may encounter while you’re on the course. PeakVision has found rubberized nose pads to be the best solution across the spectrum of sunglasses, including plastic and aluminum magnesium frames.

Likewise for your temple pieces, PeakVision’s sports wraps come standard with rubberized temple grips to give added support and complement the rubberized nosepieces. We’ve found these rubberized temple inserts to be the best compliment to our nose pads, as they provide extra grip on both sides of your head to ensure your sunglasses don’t come off while you’re swinging.

All rubberized nose pads and temple pieces will degrade over time due to the elements and level of care that is applied to them. To combat this and ensure these rubberized components last, PeakVision recommends using the microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe your sunglasses down after use and before storing. PeakVision also recommends to do a thorough cleaning of your sunglasses every few weeks, and details of safe cleaning materials come with the PeakVision care-card that’s delivered with every pair.

But, for when the time arises that you do need new rubberized pieces, PeakVision’s got you covered. We carry a variety of replacement rubberized nose pads and temple pieces to keep your sunglasses looking new and fresh. 

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