Things to Consider While Searching for the Best Sunglasses for Driving

Nov 15th 2021

There are numerous things you should consider when searching for the Best Sunglasses for Driving, from quality of the frame to most importantly, the lenses and protection they provide for your eyes. We have a few recommendations listed below to keep in mind while you search for the best pair of driving sunglasses, and how PeakVision might be able to assist you:

1.Glare Reduction – Glare reduction is probably the most important factor on this list, as glare has caused 9,000+ accidents in the US already in 2021. Reducing glare so your vision isn’t impeded should be at the top of your requirements for driving sunglasses. PeakVision’s sunglasses come with glare reducing filters on the front and back side of the lens, protecting you from glare in all directions. Also, the 20% neutral shading on the top of our sunglasses helps reduce the bright rays from the sun, giving you a more enjoyable drive.

2.Zero-Distortion / Depth Perception – Polarized sunglasses, ultimately, are the best in their class for glare reduction. However, they change your depth of field causing objects to appear at various lengths. When driving on the highway, for example, you may see a car ahead of you and think it’s five car lengths ahead, when in reality, it’s four car lengths ahead of you. This can impact how you handle a higher speed situation, thinking you have more liberty for breaking than you actually have. PeakVision’s lenses have zero distortion, featuring a -52 abbe rating, giving you a clear view of the road ahead of you and distance between you and other vehicles. This is why we believe our glasses our the best driving sunglasses on the market.

3.Comfort and Longevity – If you’re going to be wearing a pair of sunglasses for hours during your commute and travels, you want to make sure they’re comfortable. Likewise, you want to make sure your investment is quality and will last the test of time. PeakVision’s frames are made from aluminum magnesium, grilamid tr90 and nickle/silver alloy. These high-quality frame materials are comfortable during long durations of use, but also ensure you that long lasting experience you’re looking for. Plus, if anything goes wrong with our sunglasses, they have a manufacturer’s defect for one year.

Thanks for checking out our guide on the best sunglasses for driving! Of course, if you have any other questions, you can email them to us at We’d be happy to assist you!