Quotes from Celebrity Personalities about PeakVision



Chip Beck - 4-time PGA Tour winner and 3-time Ryder Cup player:

Chip Beck, nicknamed ‘Mr. 59’ after becoming the second person in history to score a 59 in October, 1991, raves about PEAKVISION. “PEAKVISION is the only sunglass that I’ve ever used playing golf because they have no distortion on the putting green,” says the 4-time PGA Tour winner and 3-time Ryder Cup player. “They are truly the best!!!”


Greg Moore - Long-time photographer of PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour:

"They are the only glasses that allow me to look through my camera lens and don’t distort the color or view, " says Pro golf photographer Greg Moore.  "They don’t change the look of the photo. And they add a level of eye protection.”

Bo Dietl - TV/Radio/Film personality:

“Peakvision sunglasses are the best! The clarity of the lens is second to none. I don’t leave home without them.”

Steve Azar - Hit singer/songwriter/recording artist and the Music & Culture Ambassador of Mississippi:

“My friends and I were chatting about sunglasses on the golf course just the other day and all of us in our fore-some agreed that the Peak lenses are the best of them all. They won’t scratch no matter how tough we are on them, proof is I’ve been wearing the same pair I got back in 2011. They’re that durable. I’ve been given 100’s of pairs over my career to wear and compare and try out so with such a sample size I feel like I’m a pretty good one to ask on the subject.” 

Bob Papa - The Official Radio Announcer of the New York Giants, Golf Channel & SiriusXM NFL Radio:

"Excited to be a part of the PEAKVISION team."


Grant Fuhr - 5-time Stanley Cup champion and wife Lisa Fuhr , VP Executive, Grant Fuhr Marketing:

“We LOVE our PEAKVISION SUNGLASSES!  We live in the Desert Area and with intense sunshine almost every day, it’s extremely important to wear sunglasses when outdoors. We had yet to find a pair of sunglasses we could wear while playing golf that didn’t distort our ball strike. Until we received our pairs of PEAKVISION’S! Not only are they perfect out on the golf course, they’re stylish as well!”