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PeakVision separates itself from other sunglass companies with our patented dual-zone lens technology. The technology of this lens was designed by an optical scientist to be a tool for golfers and many other sports. PeakVision’s lens technology consists of a 20% neutral gray that protects your eyes from the sun and lessens eye fatigue, while the bottom 60% amber portion of the glass gives you 3x the visual information of your naked eye. This allows for an impeccable read of the green, court, field, roads and everyday activities.


A Charity Focused Company


From one of a kind technology to support from famous pro golfers including Chip Beck, PeakVision is poised to change the way every golfer sees the game, on and off the course. PeakVision is a charity focused company, and we feel we can make the biggest impact to the game of golf through junior programs. PeakVision is dedicated to making a positive change in the community we love.

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We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service experience. For many companies, this is an attribute that doesn't get as much attention as it should. Not for PeakVision. No matter what you're in need of, whether it be a new pair of nose pads or a new pair of sunglasses, PeakVision is happy to help you!

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