pickleball PeakVision heads back to ours roots, providing Tennis players with superior lens technology.

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Upper 20% Neutral Gray

✓ Provides protection from all UV rays.
✓ Enhances long distance visibility.
✓ Reduces glare from the sun.
✓ Lessens eye fatigue, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.

Lower 60% Contrast Amber

✓ Provides protection from all UV rays.
✓ Enhances clarity.
✓ Provides 3X thevisual information than your naked eye, allowing for an impeccable read of the green, court, or field

✓ -52 Abbe Rating, Making The Lenses As Clear As Crown Glass.
✓ Impact Resistant.
✓ Anti-Reflective Backside Coating.
✓ Smudge Resistant Coating.

Why Wear Sunglasses While Playing Tennis?

Frame Technology

Just as much thought goes into our frames as our lenses. PeakVision offers a variety of frame materials to help you reach your Peak performance. All of our sports wraps come with rubberized inserts to keep your sunglasses secure while you're on the links, and every pair features a different performance feature depending on your sporting needs. Below you will find a list of our bestselling sports wraps that we recommend for Tennis to help you elevate your performance to the next level.