I Can See Clearly NOW!

 “Everything just pops when you put on a pair of PEAKS” says David Feaser, owner and CEO of PeakVision Sunglasses. That was exactly my reaction when I put mine on for the first time. I was in my office when my glasses arrived, looked out the window and WOW! I was immediately taken by the enhanced visuals! “The lens offer uncompromised clarity with the equivalency of crown glass,” added Feaser, whose glasses offer three times the visual information than the naked eye.

Not only do we have enhanced visuals but mine in particular are an extremely comfortable and solid fit. PeakVision offers up so many styles that you should check them out for yourselves at www.peakvision.com

Let’s face it – fit and style plays an important part when choosing your glasses, right? For me, with my big round sombrero head (as my baseball coach often called me), I preferred the slick, black and gunmetal classic Aviator look while Big Dog, Tim, with more of a square head look opted for the squarer look of the DG1 unbelievably light weight and flexible – only 19 grams – they are produced from PeakVisions revolutionary Ultematter™ polymer deemed as the “titanium of plastics.”

Both of our glasses have generously oversized lens coverage, with PeakVision’s proprietary Zero-Distortion optics featuring patented Dual-Zone lens technology to deliver the clearest, sharpest vision in both lighting extremes. Bright sky versus the darker turf and terrain below the horizon. All important to us golfers and all the time we spend in the sun!

Of course sometimes seeing everything might not be a good thing! I asked Tim Baines, aka Big Dog, what he thought of the new PreaVisions after playing his first round, “The glasses are very light. Everything seemed so clear on the golf course, I could actually see how bad some of my shots were…and thankfully the good shots seemed better, too.”
You all will agree that it is important to be able to read the greens. After all that is where the scoring takes place…
…Did you know that polarized lens that most of us wear flatten and tend to lower depth perception of objects? Probably not what us golfers should be wearing! That is why you often see golfers remove there glasses while reading the greens and putting!

“Typical sunglasses distort and distract from what you are actually seeing on the course while dual-zone patented lenses actually enhance your vision providing three times the visual information for your eyes,” adds Feaser. The science behind lenses that enable golfers to read contours of the greens better.

David Feaser, has been in the sunglass business for over thirty years, has a tremendous amount of knowledge about sunglass lenses and thus the success with golfers!

The technology in the PeakVision sunglasses lenses have been adopted by leading players and caddies on the various Tours. And PeakVision has a Jack Nicklaus- signature line. The golf legend has always said that the game of golf starts with your vision.

For more information on “PEAKS” products check out www.Peakvision.com