Quotes from Celebrity Personalities about PeakVision

Chip Beck

4-time PGA Tour winner and 3-time Ryder Cup player

Grant Fuhr

5-time Stanley Cup champion and wife Lisa Fuhr , VP Executive, Grant Fuhr Marketing

Steve Azar

Hit singer/songwriter/recording artist and the Music & Culture Ambassador of Mississippi

Ann Liguori

PeakVision Brand Ambassador, Golf Correspondant for WFAN and CBS and Founder of the Ann Liquori Foundation Charity Golf Classic


Greg Moore - Long-time photographer of PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour:

"They are the only glasses that allow me to look through my camera lens and don’t distort the color or view, " says Pro golf photographer Greg Moore.  "They don’t change the look of the photo. And they add a level of eye protection.”

Bob Papa - The Official Radio Announcer of the New York Giants, Golf Channel & SiriusXM NFL Radio:

"Excited to be a part of the PEAKVISION team."