See More in PeakVision Sun Glasses

Living in Florida, The Golfing Dads have learned what it means to protect yourself from the sun. The sunshine state has its name for a reason and you need to not only apply sunblock but wear something to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays that cause plenty of damage. PeakVision Sunglasses has figured out how to take care of your eyes, look cool and play better golf by just changing your sunglasses.

If you have not heard of PeakVision, you NEED to do some research. We tested their DG1 glasses and we are here to tell you that the lens is the best lens we have ever worn on the golf course. They have a proprietary lens that is the clearest lens in the industry and will help you see shots clearer, read greens better and help you lower your scores. We were very impressed at the image quality when we put the glasses on. We have never seen such detail when wearing a pair of sunglasses on the course.

PeakVision glasses are not polarized. You’re probably thinking, “Why would you not polarize sunglasses?” PeakVision CEO, David Feaser, has the answer for you.

“Polarized lens flatten and tend to lower depth perception of the objects that you are seeing. Typical sunglasses distort and distract from what you are actually seeing on the course while dual-zone patented lenses actually enhance your vision providing three times the visual information for your eyes.”