Pickleball Sunglasses And Their Importance

When playing Pickleball, it’s critical that you have the best gear, so you perform at your best. Just like your choice of paddle and shoes, your choice of Pickleball sunglasses is just as important. It’s important for you to consider which pair is the best Pickleball sunglasses, and PeakVision has a plethora of options that will help you better your game.

Our Pickleball sunglasses were designed to be lightweight and help your performance, giving you the maximum visual information with our patented dual zone lenses. Whether you’re playing on a sunny day, or overcast, PeakVision will help you see more and give you more visual information than the competition. 

Pickleball Sunglasses

Our best sunglass for pickleball are our CY6 (small), GX5 (average) and SL9 (large). These sports-wraps give you the most visual coverage, adjustability, and flexibility all while being some of the lightest weight sports-wraps in their class. Made from grilamid tr90 and aluminum magnesium, these high quality wraps will last you for years to come and help you better your performance. They are the best sunglasses for pickleball that you can currently find on the market. 

You can read more about these styles, and the benefits these pickleball sunglasses will have for your game on our website at this link: https://peakvision.com/pages/pickleball-1